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Durban: The HOT city this winter (June/July 2019)

What’s burnin’ in Durban – June/July

Can you believe that it’s June already?! Time is going by so quickly, it feels like we are just a short nap away from Christmas! 

That being said, you won’t want to be caught napping as there is plenty to do on your visit to Durban. Even though we are currently in the middle of winter, the temperature rarely falls to below 16 degrees Celsius at night. The middle of the day can get up to 28 degrees, so don't forget to pack your board shorts!

The Vodacom Durban July (Saturday 6 July 2019)

GET YOUR BETS ON! With only 3 weeks to go, ‘July Fever’ has got a hold of Durban. Anticipation is at an all-time high as some of the best horses in South Africa compete for a share of the R4 500 000 prize money, all while the public compete against the totes and bookies!

The Durban July Handicap is Africa's greatest horse race with a history spanning three centuries. This South African Thoroughbred horse race is held annually on the first Saturday of July since 1897 at Greyville Racecourse in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The event draws over 55 000 people to the racetrack, and boasts horse racing, high fashion, elegance, and fine cuisine. Racing starts at 12:30pm and the main event is at 16:20.  

Place your bets online or on your mobile, register an account with South Africa’s leading bookmaker, Hollywoodbets

The Vodacom Durban July at Greyville Racecourse, Durban
The Vodacom Durban July at Greyville Racecourse, Durban

The Wonder Market in Chris Saunders Park (30 June 2019)

The Wonder Market has been described as "a chic outdoor market that is aimed at those who know good quality and international trends when they see it." 

The Wonder Market is situated in the Chris Saunders Park, opposite WaveHouse Gateway. This ensures pretty surrounds with gorgeously manicured flowerbeds, tall trees providing shade, fresh air and, usually, sunshine. Supporting the market is a great way of getting to enjoy the prettiness of this South African province along with the talent and delicious flavours that are coming out of it.

Foodies will delight in the array of local produce, sweet treats, homemade goods and speciality tastes on offer. Sunday lunches under the trees are nothing shorts of dreamy, especially when coupled with all of the other stalls to enjoy and the joyful sounds of families and friends around you.

The other stalls include fresh flowers, hand-crafted jewellery, goods for the home, and vintage items that add a personal touch. There is also clothing on sale, satisfying even the most dedicated of shopaholics, while still taking advantage of the relaxed vibe and friendly atmosphere for which Umhlanga is so well known.

The market is open on the last Sunday of every month from 09h00 - 14h00. This is definitely something that you will want to add onto your agenda if you find yourself in Durban at the end of the month!

The Wonder Market, Chris Saunders Park, Umhlanga
The Wonder Market, Chris Saunders Park, Umhlanga

Beach Bums Restaurant

Beach Bums is a restaurant that has been a local favourite for over 20 years, and remains one of the most chilled spots that one can spend a morning or afternoon. The bottom section of the restaurant is literally on the beach, so you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the sand between your toes while you drink cocktails and watch the ocean.

There are pizza specials every Wednesday and Karaoke every Thursday. On top of this there are usually live bands or DJs playing most days in the week. Beach Bums is definitely a vibe to experience… even if we are in the middle of winter! We barely notice the weather here.

The restaurant is located 20 minutes north of Umhlanga, and an Uber will only cost you R190 (about $13 USD). Visit their website ( in order to check out their menu, operating times, upcoming events and more.

Beach Bums Restaurant, located 20 minutes north of Umhlanga
Beach Bums Restaurant, located 20 minutes north of Umhlanga

Current Promotion – The Authentic Durban Experience

Guests staying at Sylvan Grove Guest House this June have been treated to an authentic Durban experience in the form of a ‘Bunny Chow’. A Bunny Chow consists of a hollowed out quarter loaf of white bread filled with mutton, lamb, chicken, beans or vegetable curry.

The Bunny Chow was created in Durban, home to a large community of people of Indian origin. The precise origins of the food are disputed, although its creation has been dated to the 1940s.

Stories of the origin of bunny chow date as far back as the migrant Indian workers' arrival in South Africa. One account suggests that said Indian labourers who came to work the sugar cane plantations of KwaZulu-Natal required a way of carrying their lunches to the field; a hollowed-out loaf of bread was a convenient way to transport their vegetarian curries. Meat-based fillings came later. The use of a loaf of white bread can also be ascribed to the lack of the traditional roti bread as well as its weak structure; thus the cheap loaf, widely available at local stores, would be an optimal substitute vessel for the curry.

Bunny Chows can best be described as food for the soul, especially if that soul is nursing a hangover! The promotion will continue to run until after the Vodacom Durban July weekend (10 May 2019).

For any further enquiries regarding the Bunny Chow promotion or bookings, please send us an email to or alternatively give us a call on (031) 561 5137 today!